Tuesday, 18 December 2012

China Glaze - No Plain Jane

Got an unexpected packet in the mail the other week and was overjoyed to see it was a China Glaze nail polish. A very kind hearted friend saw it and got it for me. It is called No Plain Jane and it certainly isn't. A beautiful duochrome of purple, green and gold. I will shut up now and let the pictures do the talking :0).

Friday, 7 December 2012

Superdrug Take 2

I know I said I would never use Superdrug again but I was tempted buy the box of Accesorize eye shadows and wanted to get the matte Sleek palette for a friend so I decided to grit my teeth and try again

They arrived with two pieces of paper over them but in perfect condition so I was hugely relieved. Then I was stupid because I saw Tresemme on offer and decided to get some in bulk so not to have to look for shampoo for a while.
They returned to type and threw all my order in one big box with a bit of paper on top and sent it on it's merry way. WHEN will they realise they need to pad parcels to stop breakage's??
Of course I emailed them and had the same stupid reply as last time. NO APOLOGY just a request for EVIDENCE. Take my advice (which I am really doing now!) NEVER SHOP ONLINE AT SUPERDRUG!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness

Just thought I would share my pic of Nails Inc Pinkie Pink which they released for Breast Cancer Awareness. It is a packed to the rafters glitter in the girliest pink ever. If you have your bottle paint your Pinkie pink and share it on the Nails Inc Facebook page 

Till next time...................

Jools :0)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Sleek the update

Just thought I would do a quick follow up to the Sleek saga.

When they blocked me on Facebook they thought they had shut me up..........nope! If I am in the wrong or if the company starts with an apology I will be nice and friendly and wait for the outcome I want. This was not what happened so I decided to email both of the staff I had been dealing with and luckily I found the email of the Sales and Marketing Director.

The next day she had sorted everything. She apologised for the abysmal customer service and the way I had been spoken to and refunded my money from the "cancelled" order, and the money for the second order.

So I ended up with my order and not a penny spent. Fair for all the aggravation I reckon, but my statement still stands and I will be emailing them (rather her as they never answer normal emails) once I post this to ask her to close my account.

I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else but realistically I don't hold out much hope.

XxxJoolsxxx :0)

Just been to post this on their page on Facebook and they are not allowing anyone to post now. Way to go Sleek thinking of the customer all the time!! Now I know I have made the right decision to never use them again. Shame Sleek I really thought you might up your game after this but no!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

BEWARE Sleek Shite Customer Service

 Just an update it seems Sleek have blocked me from making comments on their Facebook page and still owe me £48.41 Nice one Sleek!!

As some of you may already know I am disabled and housebound. My days are pretty tedious and my pick me up is make up and nail polish. I love to collect make up and enjoy all the myriad of choices out there. Recently I made an order with Sleek which has not only upset me but left me out of pocket.
I look in on the Sleek website every so often to see if there is anything new and there was. They had brought out two matte palettes. I contacted a friend of mine who I buy for to check she would like both palettes and went back to order. The dark of the two versions was already sold out so I decided to wait till both were in stock to order and emailed Sleek to enquire when they would have more in stock.
I received no answer to my mail so tried again. Then I received a promotions email with the 2012 limited edition palette. I knew I would have to order quite quickly as things sell out so fast but decided to try again and contact them to see how long would it be before the dark palette was back so I could order them all together.
Once again no answer. I was getting used to being ignored as I have never yet had a reply to any email I have sent them. I often wonder why they have a contact form or an email address as they treat their customers with total contempt when they continue to ignore them.
I gave up and decided to order the one matte palette and the limited edition one and get the dark one another time if it ever came back in stock. I put my order in and paid and thought no more of it. Then I received an automated email to say my payment had been declined and order number 79421 had been cancelled. I immediately replied and asked why had it been cancelled as the transaction went through fine. Ignored again! I sent a message on their contact form, Ignored again!
The following day or day after when I heard no more I placed another order and received the automated mail to say order number 79423 had been placed then I settled in for the long wait that usually follows before an email to say the order is on the way.
I got two email's to say order 79423 and 79567 had been dispatched??? What?? I emailed them immediately and asked where the hell had 79567 come from that I didn't order it and only wanted one order. Needless to say IGNORED AGAIN!!
As they were not going to answer my mails I decided to post on their Facebook page where I saw others complaining and being ignored and anyone who praised them being fawned over. I kept posting on their page and twitter till eventually I got an email in which they suggested if I didn't WANT bot parcels to return one. So no apology for taking two lots of £48.41 from my bank account, no offer of postage and laying the blame at my door.
I replied to let them know I was disgusted with the way I had been treated and that I thought their customer service was abysmal. She then replied and asked me to forward all the email's I had sent and received. I did this only for her to not even bother acknowledging them and just say we have these orders on your account???
I replied again explaining they had cancelled one and then sent two but I think they may have a brain on timeshare and it wasn't her day to have it. Then got another mail from another person saying they couldn't make orders blah blah missing the entire point that their ordering system is shite and they need to fix it. All this time later I am still out of pocket as they refuse to refund me till my parcel is returned to them.
I have seen another customer who posted on their Facebook who has returned a parcel and still hasn't been refunded so I have contacted my bank to explain what has happened so I can get a refund that way hopefully as I won't hold my breath on Sleek coughing up anytime soon.
Needless to say I will NEVER order from them again. I have posted this purely to warn others. IF you receive a mail saying your order is cancelled be prepared to have all this nonsense if you order a replacement!!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Models Own - Disco Mix

This is my second Models Own glitter and this was 3 ish coats with no colour base.
I just did Leighton Denny all for one (or is is one for all??) 3ish coats of Disco mix and Leighton's all for one top coat.
This lasted a whole week with no problems I only removed it as I wanted a change.
 The pics really don't do it justice though as it is much more sparkly in real life.
I also think Models own do a great deal on their site as they have sets of 6 for £20, and also run a money off deal depending on how many bottles you buy making them more than reasonable.
I have many more to use yet and look forward to them all.
Get off to http://www.modelsownit.com/ and grab a bargain :0)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Titanium Nails

I was lucky enough to get a week away at the seaside last week and decided to go for a sparkly manicure.

I had got a nice collection of Models Own colours and hadn't used any so went for my namesake (sort of) Juicy Jules.

I decided as it is quite sheer to do a base coat of Models Own Sterling silver. So in total I did a base coat of leighton Denny's one for all, one coat of Sterling Silver, two coats of Juicy Jules and a top coat of LD One for all.

Well I wasn't expecting it to put up with the abuse I gave it but it so did. I was on the 2p slots everynight (winning shiny pink pigs LOL) and grabbing the money out of the bottom is a nightmmare for nails and there wasn't one chip or tip wear when I went to take it off yesterday.

If you are looking for a mani to last and last this is the one.

:0) xxxJoolsxxx