Friday, 14 October 2011

Carmine Beauty Box

Thanks to the wonderful Holly of the Yummy Mummys Beauty Blog I got to hear of th new beauty box by Carmine. I decided to give them a try as I am not upmarket enough for Boudoir Prive and was annoyed at the way Glossy Box hid the fact they were going to charge P&P till after people had joined.
Received my first box :0)

At first I thought it had been tampered with but it was fine....

The lid however was a pain to get off, I shook it and tried to pull it and poke it, I so badly wanted to see in side and eventually.....
The presentation was lovely...
Was so excited by the red squigglies lol I know I need a life LOL :0)
First out of the box was a full size shadow/blush by The Balm in Frat Boy
Next was Caudalies, Quenching sorbet creme

Then the super moisturising hand cream from Balance Me
An amazing full size of Daniel Sandlers eye delight in peach
And lastly a Nail repair natural by Trind.

I am very happy and looking forward to the next one. So if you like what you see pop along to

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Oh Wow people I have found thee most amazing you tuber and just had to share.
She is so generous with her tips and shares everything, if you haven't seen this lady already what are you waiting for?
Go on goooooo

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nails Inc Take Two

I said I would re do it and I have but to be honest I am still not blown away by it.

The polish is a pain to apply as it is thick and dries quickly. It applys patchy which is why I think they say apply two coats. 

I also have hand to eye co-ordination problems and can not hold things for long thanks to the fibro so the placing and holding (arms in the air to make sure the magnet doesn't touch)of the magnet was a hassle.
The result to me is just meh! I much prefer plain polish to this, and if I want to do something fun I will use glitter. The job of removing glitter polish to me is a better option than the faffing about with this for results that are simply not worth the bother.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nails Inc Magnetic nail polish

Ignoring the poor paint job (pleeeeeease ignore the bad paint job :0p) are you blown away with the magnificent effect? No? Me either :0(.

I received my bottle of Houses of Parliament yesterday and was so excited to try it. I removed my beautiful Bubblegum by Leighton Denny and set to reading the instructions.
Sadly they were no help as they were in french and German and none in English. So I decided not to use a base coat, and from reading other people's experiences painted one nail. I threw it on quickly as I had read it dries very quickly and held the magnet over the finger using the rest on the lid so it was almost touching. One minute later...................nothing :0(.

So undeterred I tried again you can see where the magnet hit the tip of my nail so you know how close it was. Yet another minute and once again a very slight pattern that I have to screw my eyes up to see. Was this what was supposed to happen? I really can not see the point if it is. I can hardly see it and I know it's there so I doubt anyone else will notice.

So in conclusion I think this new fad is a big fat miss and I can only say I am grateful I only paid £7 on Buyapowa instead of the usual £13.

Or is it!!!!!!!!!! Just found this video on You Tube and it seems I applied the polish wrong as I only applied one coat. So I will re-do the nails tomorrow and report back :0)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Long time no post I know I am bad.
Have had a headache that just won't go dragging on for what seems like months now. Trying to motivate myself to do anymore than sit up in bed has been so hard. I still need to do the review for the MUA Pro products I received, which others have done in abundance.I would say much better than I can/will but do it I must as a promise is a promise.

This is just a quick NOTD which is the beautiful Bubblegum by Leighton Denny. In the picture I had just thrown it on in bed and it had no top coat and looks FAB don't you think?

Off now to try and sleep this headache away and will be back as soon as I can :0) xxxJoolsxxx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Superdrug end of term report :- Must try harder

Had to make this entry so that my next post would make sense. So please stick with me as I try to explain.
Being housebound is a royal nuisance as you can't touch or smell things but on the whole buying online is normally a painless experience.
I had in the past made a large order online with Superdrug which arrived in an oversize box with no padding. All the shampoo had leaked all over everything else and was a complete mess. When I contacted them they asked for "Photographic evidence" before they could comment. Two days later I was asked to send the parcel back and they would issue a refund. They were abrupt, unapologetic and basically rude. I vowed then never to use them again.
Ah until I saw the new £1 MUA range and I soooo wanted to see what the eyeshadow's were like. So I placed an order and waited. Again an oversized box with the shadows thrown in with no padding and two were broken (I was surprised the others had survived so well). Again I emailed them and received a reply "as a gesture of goodwill". I beg your pardon, it was due to your shoddy packing that they were broken nothing to do with me as you seem to be insinuating.
As the CS department were so rude I decided to post a complaint on Superdrug's Facebook page. I told them how rude I thought they were and how shoddy their packing is. Just so others would go to the shop rather than shop online which sadly I can never do again.
Usually that is where things would end but in this case no. After a few days I got a private message from the owner of MUA who was sorry to hear I had such a bad experience and wanted to send me some new MUA products due out in their Pro range. Lucky me on to the next post................................

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Finally got round to painting on Inkjet today. It is an amazing blue that I can't stop staring at. I love all Leighton Dennys colours but this one really has the wow factor. It can be found at or Give it a try you won't be disapointed :0)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Give and Make-Up ....................

The scale of domestic violence in the UK is staggering: one woman in four will experience it at some point in her lifetime and two women are killed by a current or ex-partner every week.

When these terrified women are fleeing for their lives the last thing they think to pack is their make up bag!
Give and Make Up is a philanthropic initiative based solely around the hard work of their volunteers and supporters. They have liased with Refuge, Women's Aid and businesses to provide some daily essentials for these Ladies and their children.
We in the beauty community on You Tube and blog land have all manner of lotions and potions many unopened and will remain so for a while. Please have a look at what you have that could make another woman's day a little more bearable.
You can find a local refuge, contact them directly or with the help of make up a parcel and send it. BeautyBay are offering to pay for the postage and give you a 10% discount code once they receive your parcel.
These are the things they are looking for:-
Everyday Essentials
Bath/shower gel
Body lotion
Feminine hygiene products
Shaving products
At-home hair dye colouring kits



Makeup brushes
Makeup bags
Curling tongs

Baby Products
All of them!

*please note - they can only accept new items of anything with an applicator wand e.g. Mascara/lip gloss/concealer

GWP (Gift with purchase) sizes are fine, as are samples.

Anything that has been lightly used is also fine - if you would happily give it to a friend - they'll take it!
For all the information go to
And please try and out a smile on someone's face :0)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Review of Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml

Originally submitted at Fragrance Direct

Vera Wang Princess is a charming, fruity vanilla fragrance. Sparkling in a breeze of lady apple and waterlily... Sweeping into ripe pink guava and Tahitian tiare flower... Tempted to taste wih dark chocolate and pink frosting accord, Forbidden woods and chiffon vanilla. Jewel cut heart shaped bott...


By Jools from South Yorkshire on 2/19/2011


2out of 5

Pros: The bottle is nice

Cons: Smells weird, Doesn't Last Long, Too Weak, Expensive

Best Uses: Use to layer with another, Not at all

Describe Yourself: Young At Heart

Fragrance Type: No idea

Didn't like this at all, the Glam Princess is much nicer in my opinion but perhaps if this was layered with another it may work.


My Review of Vera Wang Glam Princess Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml

Originally submitted at Fragrance Direct

Glam Princess is the new Sparkling, Enticing and Delicious fragrance from Vera Wang.
Inspired by the signature princess botlle, Glam princess shows the enchanting side of a Princess.

With top notes of Guava, juicy pear and crushed red berries, with a heart of Liquid honey, orange bl...

Floral fresh

By Jools from South Yorkshire on 2/19/2011


4out of 5

Pros: Clean & Fresh, Draws Compliments, Great Smell, Cute Bottle, Great Price

Cons: Doesn't Last Long

Best Uses: Everyday

Describe Yourself: Young At Heart

Fragrance Type: Floral

Cute bottle, nice smell, not overpriced :0)