Monday, 23 May 2011

Superdrug end of term report :- Must try harder

Had to make this entry so that my next post would make sense. So please stick with me as I try to explain.
Being housebound is a royal nuisance as you can't touch or smell things but on the whole buying online is normally a painless experience.
I had in the past made a large order online with Superdrug which arrived in an oversize box with no padding. All the shampoo had leaked all over everything else and was a complete mess. When I contacted them they asked for "Photographic evidence" before they could comment. Two days later I was asked to send the parcel back and they would issue a refund. They were abrupt, unapologetic and basically rude. I vowed then never to use them again.
Ah until I saw the new £1 MUA range and I soooo wanted to see what the eyeshadow's were like. So I placed an order and waited. Again an oversized box with the shadows thrown in with no padding and two were broken (I was surprised the others had survived so well). Again I emailed them and received a reply "as a gesture of goodwill". I beg your pardon, it was due to your shoddy packing that they were broken nothing to do with me as you seem to be insinuating.
As the CS department were so rude I decided to post a complaint on Superdrug's Facebook page. I told them how rude I thought they were and how shoddy their packing is. Just so others would go to the shop rather than shop online which sadly I can never do again.
Usually that is where things would end but in this case no. After a few days I got a private message from the owner of MUA who was sorry to hear I had such a bad experience and wanted to send me some new MUA products due out in their Pro range. Lucky me on to the next post................................