Friday, 9 October 2015

#KloutPerk made me #SaySi

For those who are new to me I have Fibromyalgia which comes with many things one of which is the brainfog. I can start doing something get distracted and have no idea what I was doing!

Some people I knew had been talking about Klout and I thought I would join. I did this eons ago and forgot all about it. Then someone mentioned it again and were talking about the perk they had got so I thought I would go and take a peek.

I had been offered a perk but had missed it as I hadn't checked in time but then I saw Giorgio Armani had offered me a perk so jumped at the chance and clicked the yes button. I thought that was it and if they decided to send it to me I would hear and thought no more of it.

So two days ago I got a large box in the post and had absolutely no idea what it was. Must have been sleep shopping again I thought LOL. Then I opened it and what a shock it was a huge Giorgio Armani box and then the penny dropped.
I thought I would be sent a few samples of the fragrance to try but when I opened the box......

I was blown away as there were three 50ml fragrance bottles in the box.

Si Eau de parfum Intense
Si Eau de Parfum
Si Eau de Toilette
Giorgio Armani had taken inspiration from his Mother's courage, calmness and elegance and this became his modern ideal of femininity.

Si Eau de toilette is crisp pear, sharp blackcurrant, mandarin and bergamot combined with the signature woody and vanilla Si base.

Si Eau de parfum is chypre, cassis nectar and vanilla, fresh cut freesia and a rich rose de mai, and a melting base of patchouli, creamy amber wood and luminous orcanox.

Si Eau de parfum Intense retains some of the radiant soft fruit but develops into a deep heady syrup of crushed blackcurrant, fir balsam and hypnotising golden benzoin.

I definately smell the fruit when they are first sprayed and then they dry down to a beautiful non cloying scent that is beautiful and feminine. I love that the Intense bottle is black. I really like these and am very happy I received them as I am going to enjoy these for the months to come. Get yours at the link below.