Monday, 16 August 2010

It's all gobbledegook to me..........

I was on a no buy (hmmmm yup you've heard it all before) and I was really being really good, then QVC had a Decleor TSV and I caved in the final airing. I know I know don't watch and you won't be tempted but where is the fun in that!

What sold me on ( )
this kit was the claims that it would help my turkey neck and jowls, that is not exactly what Fiona Brackenbury said but that is what I think she meant.

Am I alone in being totally bamboozled by beautician speak? Up to being 40 I was your average soap and water user, had never been told to cleanse tone and moisturise by anyone so just never did. Then I found Alison Young and my house is now full of lotions and potions. The one main problem I have is trying to figure out what I need to buy and what I don't.

I just don't understand when they say is your skin flat? Dull? Lifeless? Isn't all skin flat? What texture does it have? Skin texture?? Not all of us are blessed with being able to go out to large stores and have consultations or even have regular facials. So please can you explain it to me in words I will understand, or better yet pop round anyday I'll stick the kettle on.