Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nails Inc Magnetic nail polish

Ignoring the poor paint job (pleeeeeease ignore the bad paint job :0p) are you blown away with the magnificent effect? No? Me either :0(.

I received my bottle of Houses of Parliament yesterday and was so excited to try it. I removed my beautiful Bubblegum by Leighton Denny and set to reading the instructions.
Sadly they were no help as they were in french and German and none in English. So I decided not to use a base coat, and from reading other people's experiences painted one nail. I threw it on quickly as I had read it dries very quickly and held the magnet over the finger using the rest on the lid so it was almost touching. One minute later...................nothing :0(.

So undeterred I tried again you can see where the magnet hit the tip of my nail so you know how close it was. Yet another minute and once again a very slight pattern that I have to screw my eyes up to see. Was this what was supposed to happen? I really can not see the point if it is. I can hardly see it and I know it's there so I doubt anyone else will notice.

So in conclusion I think this new fad is a big fat miss and I can only say I am grateful I only paid £7 on Buyapowa instead of the usual £13.

Or is it!!!!!!!!!! Just found this video on You Tube and it seems I applied the polish wrong as I only applied one coat. So I will re-do the nails tomorrow and report back :0)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Long time no post I know I am bad.
Have had a headache that just won't go dragging on for what seems like months now. Trying to motivate myself to do anymore than sit up in bed has been so hard. I still need to do the review for the MUA Pro products I received, which others have done in abundance.I would say much better than I can/will but do it I must as a promise is a promise.

This is just a quick NOTD which is the beautiful Bubblegum by Leighton Denny. In the picture I had just thrown it on in bed and it had no top coat and looks FAB don't you think?

Off now to try and sleep this headache away and will be back as soon as I can :0) xxxJoolsxxx