Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nails Inc Magnetic nail polish

Ignoring the poor paint job (pleeeeeease ignore the bad paint job :0p) are you blown away with the magnificent effect? No? Me either :0(.

I received my bottle of Houses of Parliament yesterday and was so excited to try it. I removed my beautiful Bubblegum by Leighton Denny and set to reading the instructions.
Sadly they were no help as they were in french and German and none in English. So I decided not to use a base coat, and from reading other people's experiences painted one nail. I threw it on quickly as I had read it dries very quickly and held the magnet over the finger using the rest on the lid so it was almost touching. One minute later...................nothing :0(.

So undeterred I tried again you can see where the magnet hit the tip of my nail so you know how close it was. Yet another minute and once again a very slight pattern that I have to screw my eyes up to see. Was this what was supposed to happen? I really can not see the point if it is. I can hardly see it and I know it's there so I doubt anyone else will notice.

So in conclusion I think this new fad is a big fat miss and I can only say I am grateful I only paid £7 on Buyapowa instead of the usual £13.

Or is it!!!!!!!!!! Just found this video on You Tube and it seems I applied the polish wrong as I only applied one coat. So I will re-do the nails tomorrow and report back :0)

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