Friday, 24 August 2012

Sleek the update

Just thought I would do a quick follow up to the Sleek saga.

When they blocked me on Facebook they thought they had shut me up..........nope! If I am in the wrong or if the company starts with an apology I will be nice and friendly and wait for the outcome I want. This was not what happened so I decided to email both of the staff I had been dealing with and luckily I found the email of the Sales and Marketing Director.

The next day she had sorted everything. She apologised for the abysmal customer service and the way I had been spoken to and refunded my money from the "cancelled" order, and the money for the second order.

So I ended up with my order and not a penny spent. Fair for all the aggravation I reckon, but my statement still stands and I will be emailing them (rather her as they never answer normal emails) once I post this to ask her to close my account.

I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else but realistically I don't hold out much hope.

XxxJoolsxxx :0)

Just been to post this on their page on Facebook and they are not allowing anyone to post now. Way to go Sleek thinking of the customer all the time!! Now I know I have made the right decision to never use them again. Shame Sleek I really thought you might up your game after this but no!!

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