Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Rose Dawn by Glam Polish.

Received my first package of indie polishes in such a long time on Friday and fear it will be the first of many :0).

I follow Glam Polish on Facebook but didn't think I would ever have any as they are made in Australia.

Luckily I made a comment and they told me they were stocked on Rainbow Connection and now I know it will be a regular haunt :0).

Usually I am drawn to the purple shades as you can see from the haul above, but the first one to call to me was Rose Dawn. A beautiful pink which has great sparkles in the sun.
My basecoat was the pink gel coat followed by 2 coats of Rose Dawn topped off with Leighton Denny One for all and some very needed Avoplex cuticle oil. I wasn't going to add the pics with the ropey cuticles but I am sure you can see past that to the beautiful colour of the Rose Dawn :0).

Thanks so much for reading (if you did :0)) and I hope to do more soon (when I get the cuticles in order)

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